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Sergio Delacruz - Bring ideas to life

3D assets,environment development and VR experiences creation.

About me

Sergio Delacruz is my alter ego in virtual worlds.

I joined Second Life at the beginning of 2008, with the name of Sergio Delacruz, with the aim of exploring and evaluating the potential of a virtual environment that allows not only socialization between users, but also the creation and programming of content. Personally I started building the very first things through the tools Second Life offers (creating prims, elementary geometric shapes), then deepening the use of external programs, first of all Blender.
Thanks to Second Life, i started step by step to learning coding and using popular game engines (Unity and Unreal Engine).Within SL I launched a business (Delacruz Technologies) that contains my work, my experiments and the creations that have been completed in these years, during which I have collaborated with several artists and institutions(one of them UNINETTUNO, International Telematics University) with content creation and programming, aimed at teaching and communicative activities, within their grid.
In 2012 i worked on a “first shooter game” inside SL, and In 2016 I made a small adventure / horror video (Susan’s Diary) inside Second Life, widely and positively reviewed abroad as well.
In 2017 i tried Sansar for first time, and i decided to work there too, publishing interactive experiences (Orphanage of Angels) and creating several items and codes for this platform. To date, I continue to work on virtual platforms, promoting my work on the most popular social channels (Youtube, Facebook, Flickr).

Sergio N.
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